Welcome to T-F-T Thal Filter Technology

T-F-T Thal Filter Technology, an innovative mid-sized family business led by our CEO Peter Thal, provides environmental process operations ranging from planning, assembly, to in-house production at our Oberhausen location!

T-F-T Thal Filter Technology is your specialist for industrial buildings, filtration systems, steel and metal processing, as well as trading in spare parts.

We are committed to social and ecological responsibility.

T-F-T Thal Filter Technology contributes to a climate-friendly future for the generations to come.

Since 1991, we have stood for sustainability and reliability. Our skilled employees are united in their responsibility for a clean environment.

Thanks to our storage capacities and 24-hour service, we are flexible and can quickly adapt to changes.

We are always there for you in emergency situations and support you with qualified contacts throughout the entire process.

T-F-T Thal Filter Technology, your partner in the industry!

What sets us apart

A unique aspect of T-F-T Thal Filter Technology is our specialization in the relocation of industrial plants. We collaborate with you to repurpose used plants, from planning, potential necessary structural modifications, adjustments in our own manufacturing, to subsequent reassembly.

Of course, this includes both mechanical and electrical commissioning.

This is effectively applied environmental protection, conserving our planet's resources and significantly promoting sustainability.